Portfolio news – April 2017 changes

So what’s new, this month I sold my stake in Accell, the company was in take over negotiations with a large automotive and industrial group named PON.

Within a day the price went up with about 26% , I didn’t want to sell at that time since the dividend was due and I estimated a value of about 33 Euro’s per share was about right. So after a month of negotiations and due diligence Accell withdrew from the negotiation table.

Not a problem so far , PON had upped the bid to 33,75 excluding the divided , they came up from 32,75 including the dividend. This apparently wasn’t enough. Still not a problem for me since I am in it for the long term. But at the same time the CEO quits. Which is not a good thing. It creates unrest and instability. Which I really don’t like. So I decided to sell my position in Accell.

It was a nice ride and a good profit. But still I would have preferred to hold on without the turmoil. All will be fine after this I think. And I will pick the stock up at a lower price point, which it will bound too go to.

In addition I added to my Ahold Delhaize position , which is now at it’s maximum percentage within my portfolio. Again mainly to balance everything a bit. I also sold a few call options on my portfolio as part of my strategy to increase my results. This will earn me an extra 0,45% this month.

The rest of the money went into a index fund , the Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS. Which is part of the idea that index funds will always outperform stock picking and especially trading.