Star wars – the force awakens

As a Star wars fan, this was a no brainer. So on the second day of the release we managed to get tickets and go to the cinema.

I really liked the movie, it all feels very old school, and got me hooked from the first minute. Everything was done very well and although the story is far from complex , It didn’t bother me at all. Just loved the ride. Well just go and see this one ! Simply not much more to say about it.

star wars the force awakens



I have seen Youth this week, the new movie by Paolo Sorrentino, I had seen La grande bellezza , which was a bit too long and somewhat too dark for me at the time. It needs another run for me to really appriciate it I think.

This movie has some of my favorite actors in it, Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, and Rachel Weisz. Which are all excellent. The movie has a dark undertone, but feels very light. The shots are beautiful again, and the story is moving in a strange way.

It reminded me not to waste time. I had a very optimistic feeling leaving the cinema. Which I found a bit strange. Need to watch this one again too I think.

It’s another great movie and you should watch it. Preferably on a rainy day.