Running and recovery

Since my encephalitis I have been suffering from concentration problems, analytical and problem solving issues, among other things. My recovery has gone fairly steadily upwards in the beginning but now is stalling a bit. One thing that is helping me a lot is exercising. Especially running. It helps me regaining my energy and makes me feel very happy. As my Paris marathon got cancelled I have now selected a new Marathon as a nice goal to work towards. It’s not going to be an attempt on my PR, the aim is to get across the finish line in one piece.

My recovery experts told me I have to select a goal to work towards and that there should be no pressure. So this is what I selected. I will keep a log of my training activity and share my thoughts on how it’s affecting me in general and towards the recovery.

Time and life

Time is a unknown factor in life, while planning ahead for retirement and saving some money for later sometimes your time can be cut short. So why not try to invest to get a bit more free time now.

The main goal for me to pursue financial independence, is time. This became even more evident when I got sick in February.

While I maintain a healthy lifestyle and mostly watch my health closely, you can’t control it. I have some stuff I want to do before I am too old to do it, such as running a few more marathons and a few Ultra trails. While some people run them at age 70 , changes might be I am not in a shape to do that after I am retired. Also there are a few travel experiences I cannot fit in the 24 days off I get every year.

So I am now even more determined to become largely financially independent and have the options of taking months of to train and travel. I have been on this path for some time now, while it is easier with a full time yob which pays well, fast is nice , but a bit slower and doing what I really love doing might be more important.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

A new start with music

After a lot of years of on and off music making and never really finishing anything I sold most of my music gear and only kept a few software bits. The software never really inspired me, I simply like knobs and things, also the never ending possibility’s in software made me go nuts. As in I simply got lost in making sounds and not tracks. So I decided to get a few bits of hardware and use the computer as a recorder. So just jamming and I will see what happens.

Got a old boss effects processor, an Emu ESI 4000 sampler an Elektron machinedrum and I already had a small and incomplete (as if it will ever be complete) Eurorack. I will start with those.
And although I fear this, will put it on the website.

Hopefully I will find the energy to get very active again. It will also help me focus on one thing and this will be good for my recovery.

Portfolio news – May 2016 additions

The portfolio in May has seen one new addition. Amsterdam commodities otherwise known as Acomo. It’s a trader in all sorts of agricultural products, they trade seeds, nuts, tea and all sorts of other ingredients.

They have a healthy dividend stream and I think the commodities trade will pick up more in the not to distant future, especially food related.

Some further information can be found on their website. Acomo 5 year numbers

May 2016 – Dividend

Another month has passed and its time again for the dividends. A nice month.
I will be reinvesting all dividend’s, and hopefully this will lead to more growth in the portfolio.

Dividends without the tax:

4-mei Dividend (AHOLD KON) EUR 5,20
12-mei Dividend (NSI) EUR 14,00
12-mei Dividend (K+S AG NA O.N) EUR 28,75
12-mei Dividend (APPLE INC. – COMMON ST) USD 5,04
13-mei Dividend (ADIDAS AG NA O.N) EUR 8,00
13-mei Dividend (ONEOK INC. COMMON STO) USD 5,44
20-mei Dividend (Product: ACCELL GROUP) EUR 7,20

Total EUR 73,63