Ansome – Stowaway

Another great techno find for me last week, the album Stowaway by Ansome. Discovered it after I bought a new EP by Perc and checked out other releases on the label.

Exactly my kind of Techno, dark and relentless, like an old locomotive. Poldark and Back alley Sally are the favorites for me at the moment. But the whole album is excellent.

Pictures part II

Recently I started taking a camera with me most of the time. When I go walking, or just go to the city. I walk a lot at the moment so i get some nice opportunities to take a few pictures.
Mostly Graffiti and Street photography. These pictures were taken with a Minolta XG1 , it’s an old camera which I borrowed from a good friend. The first film has been developed now and here are a few of them. It contains two pictures of which I also took pictures with my digital camera. See the old post :).

First time I am shooting with film and I made a few mistakes with the light and some other errors. I enjoyed it very much. It’s just relaxing. Which I need at the moment.

Portfolio news – April 2016 additions

Another month and a few new additions to the Portfolio. First is NSI , which is a real estate company. They have offices and shopping malls they rent out, a tricky business at the moment. They offer full service solutions and advise as well. Which I think is the way forward, not just rent it out and see if the renter makes it but help their business as well.

So that makes this purchase one with a bit more risk. It’s relatively cheap and pay’s nice dividend, just under 4% of current share price. The debt is reasonable and should not be a problem in the coming years. The have an occupancy rate of around 77% which is not bad.

Next additions are too existing positions, Coca Cola and Munich Re. Coca Cola got a bit beaten up on the day when the results came out. So I bought some. Making the position up too par within the portfolio.

Munich Re has been available with a bit of a discount , and needed to be more in line with the rest of the portfolio. It’s a very stable company with a impressive history and solid dividend payments.