Redesigning everyday life – New beginnings , new surroundings

Last few weeks have been busy, all good news which is nice. We have moved into a new house, which is a lot closer to nature, forests, national parks, and other relaxing places.This has been a dream of ours , a house we both selected and wanted. Other ventures towards a new place didn’t work out in the last couple of years so we’re very happy it all worked out this time round.

For me it’s been very energy consuming but it’s made me very happy. It also made me aware of the fact I can’t slack in planning my energy. Which has been neglected again , In an effort getting more energy stable, I’m also exploring the options of yoga and meditation. I have done 1 or 2 yoga sessions in the past and enjoyed them but never put more thought and effort into it. My girlfriend always wanted me going for it since it has helped her a lot.

It’s very good for the mind indeed and since I can use all the help I can get with mine I am now making a foray into meditation and yoga. I hope this will bring me further in creating a balance in a more organic way. Not just with schematics and planning.

I have also got approval for a new trajectory towards work , which has been quite a journey. At the end of March I will start, it will be mostly short hands on sessions and the rest is up to me. Which is fine. What I mostly need is a network which helps me in getting a new internship style job in which I can test my abilities in a working environment. I am really looking forward to this.

So good news all round, I’ll keep you posted!

February 2017 – Dividend

I am a bit behind on blogs at the moment, due to moving and taking a bit more rest making up for all the strenuous tasks.

Another month over, another month of dividends rolling in. Always nice. It’s up from last year by 11% , which is to be expected as I have invested more. Nonetheless it shows the power of compounding nicely.

Next couple of months should also see growth in dividend income.

16-02-2017 Apple EUR 5,36
14-02-2017 ONEOK Inc EUR 5,78

Total EUR 11,14