April 2016 – Dividend

I always like to watch the dividends come in. Someone famous said something along those lines. I need to lookup the exact quote.
Well it’s a lot of fun. This month has been a good month. Next few months will be a bit more slow dividend wise.

Anyway, these are the numbers. I will be posting about the April additions to the portfolio somewhere next weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

In Euro without the tax :

1/04/2016 Dividend (COCA-COLA COMPANY (THE) EUR 2,63
11/04/2016 Dividend (NEDAP) EUR 25,60
12/04/2016 Dividend (ICAHN ENTERPRISES L.P.) EUR 1,13
15/04/2016 Dividend (W.P. CAREY INC. REIT) EUR 7,32
19/04/2016 Dividend (WHOLE FOODS MARKET IN) EUR 1,02
25/04/2016 Dividend (Product: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPA) EUR 1,73
27/04/2016 Dividend (Product: CISCO SYSTEMS INC. -) EUR 5,47
28/04/2016 Dividend (Product: MUENCH.RUECKVERS.VNA O.N) EUR 41,25
29/04/2016 Dividend (Product: DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY) EUR 3,93

Total 90,08

Edit 03/05/2016. Forgot the Dow Chemical dividend. Added it.

Moderat II

Well, as always late to the party. The earlier releases by Moderat are still on the ‘to listen’ list. But today I browsed around the internet and found out that Moderat III was out.
Opened Spotify and started listening. And started with Moderat II instead of III. So this is a review of II, an album from 2013.

Just what I needed on this Sunday afternoon being exhausted and moody because of it. Very chilled out tracks and very well produced.

Bad kingdom has very nice beats and a good vocal, a good track for driving through mountains. The next song versions bubbled along and has a sort of break beat feel to it, at least that’s what I made of it.

Let in the light is a very nice background track for working , gently flowing. Can see myself playing it with a cup of coffee in the morning as well.
Milk somehow got on my nerves. Skipped it after a while. Don’t know exactly why.

Nice beats again on Therapy, bit more busy as well , really liked this one. The next song Gita wasn’t for me. Ilona was a good one again with a nice vibe and cool beats. Damage done and this time just passed by and I wasn’t really listening any more. Good chilled out music and a nice album overall.

New discovery – Vohkinne

Just discovered techno producer Vohkinne , read an interview with him on attack magazine.

Nice dark techno just the way I like it , not everything he made is on Spotify, but you’ll get the idea. Search for vinyl as he releases his tracks on the black stuff mostly.
Really like his style.

Portfolio news – March 2016 additions

March is done so it’s time for the portfolio additions for March , the February update and buying didn’t go according to plan when I got stuck in hospital.

So everything happened in March. I added Cisco to the portfolio, Cisco produces high quality network solutions and helps companies implement them, it was on the list to buy for some time.
It has risen in the last couple of months which made it a bit expensive. But I bought it just before the dividend date and so I will receive the first upcoming dividend payment.

The company has a dividend of around 3,5% with current prices. Which is good it also has been paying dividends since 2011, has a P/E ratio of 14 which is good. I think the company will continue to grow and be a major player in the network solutions market. They also have more cash than debt which is also good.

I will be adding to the position in the future.

March 2016 – Dividend

This month a bit more dividend then last month, which is always nice. More under way with payout in April.

In Euro without the tax :

29-mrt Shell 42,21
29-mrt Unibail Rodamco 4,85
9-mrt Unilever 3,02
28-mrt Vanguard dividend Appreciation fund 1,08
10-mrt Microsoft 3,16
10-mrt Emerson electric Company 4,17

Total 58.49

Next week I will post the March additions to the portfolio. Have a great weekend !