Graffiti until July

Last few months I have been walking a lot , and most of the time I walk under an overpass. It’s been made a legal wall some time ago and people can take their time creating cool pieces.
And they do 🙂 , I love this art form. Most date from early February until last month or so.

So a few pieces for you to enjoy. And many thanks to the artists for putting them up.

Pictures part II

Recently I started taking a camera with me most of the time. When I go walking, or just go to the city. I walk a lot at the moment so i get some nice opportunities to take a few pictures.
Mostly Graffiti and Street photography. These pictures were taken with a Minolta XG1 , it’s an old camera which I borrowed from a good friend. The first film has been developed now and here are a few of them. It contains two pictures of which I also took pictures with my digital camera. See the old post :).

First time I am shooting with film and I made a few mistakes with the light and some other errors. I enjoyed it very much. It’s just relaxing. Which I need at the moment.