Portfolio news – March 2016 additions

March is done so it’s time for the portfolio additions for March , the February update and buying didn’t go according to plan when I got stuck in hospital.

So everything happened in March. I added Cisco to the portfolio, Cisco produces high quality network solutions and helps companies implement them, it was on the list to buy for some time.
It has risen in the last couple of months which made it a bit expensive. But I bought it just before the dividend date and so I will receive the first upcoming dividend payment.

The company has a dividend of around 3,5% with current prices. Which is good it also has been paying dividends since 2011, has a P/E ratio of 14 which is good. I think the company will continue to grow and be a major player in the network solutions market. They also have more cash than debt which is also good.

I will be adding to the position in the future.