May 2016 – Dividend

Another month has passed and its time again for the dividends. A nice month.
I will be reinvesting all dividend’s, and hopefully this will lead to more growth in the portfolio.

Dividends without the tax:

4-mei Dividend (AHOLD KON) EUR 5,20
12-mei Dividend (NSI) EUR 14,00
12-mei Dividend (K+S AG NA O.N) EUR 28,75
12-mei Dividend (APPLE INC. – COMMON ST) USD 5,04
13-mei Dividend (ADIDAS AG NA O.N) EUR 8,00
13-mei Dividend (ONEOK INC. COMMON STO) USD 5,44
20-mei Dividend (Product: ACCELL GROUP) EUR 7,20

Total EUR 73,63