April 2017 – Dividend

April 2017 is in the past, which means another rundown of the monthly dividends. It’s another good month and another increase compared to last year, this time it’s 7,3%. If all goes well, next year will see another increase.

Lot’s of people ask me why I don’t just buy index funds, since they will generate a very good if unbeatable result over long periods of time. The answer is simple. It’s a hobby and I enjoy reading about the world in general and economics in particular. And I like picking stocks , it keeps me active and I can set goals on my own pace. Another reason is most index funds pay little or no dividends, they automatically reinvest them. And my ultimate goal is to get my living expenses covered by my dividend income.

I do invest in index funds, just to have a nice risk spread and profit of the undeniable maths behind it.
Hopefully this explains it a bit. Now the numbers :

28/04/2017 Dow Chemical EUR 4,22
26/04/2017 Ahold Delhaize Koninklijke EUR 28,50
26/04/2017 Cisco Systems EUR 7,45
25/04/2017 General Electric EUR 4,84
19/04/2017 Nedap EUR 28,00
18/04/2017 Whole Foods Market EUR 1,28
18/04/2017 Icahn Enterprises LP EUR 1,38
17/04/2017 W.P. Carey (REIT) EUR 9,13
04/04/2017 Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF EUR 1,17
03/04/2017 Coca-Cola EUR 5,09

Total EUR 89,68