Moodymann – DJ Kicks

Today I listened to the new DJ Kicks, one of the best and long running DJ mix series. This time by Moodymann.
Lot’s of records I never heard and an excellent soundtracks for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Not the best DJ kicks for me but a very good one indeed. And for the Moodymann fans, loads of edits by the mann.

It’s on Spotify as well, so check it out.

Favourite labels – Planet Core Productions


This time about the label Planet core productions and it’s sub labels. Which were many, they released a lot of records. Some absolute rubbish, others classics to this day.

It was based in Frankfurt and run by Marc Acardipane. He also made a lot of the tracks, as did Miro. The label started in the early 90’s and ran up until 2000/2001 I think.
It was mostly known as a hardcore label by many. But they mixed all sorts of styles , trance and techno influences were very common. My first purchase and one of the best releases i think was
PCP 935 Future. I bought it sealed and didn’t open it straight away when I got home. At first I didn’t like it at all, to be honest. But after a few listening sessions it quickly became one of most played records, although at that time I didn’t own that many.

The label had other sublabels, Dance Ecstasy 2001, Coldrush , Super Special Corp, Kotzaak to name a few of the most well known. At first they were sold in just a few record stores and a lot of people found the tracks a bit to forward thinking, a few dance floor hits like , later when slaves to the rave became a monster hit in the hardcore/gabber world, people started looking at the label. Making it harder for me to be on time and being able to buy the latest. Therefore I missed a few. Thank god for Discogs.

A few very cool releases are The Mover The Final Sickness, Reign Hall , Rave creator a new mind part I & II, Miro Purple moon and many more. Pretty much all of the releases on Cold rush records are excellent. Check it out if you get the change. Even if you are not really into the harder styles. It’s worth it.

Ipman – Depatterning

Ipman’s Depatterning was waiting in the playlist for some time. Finally got round to it and I really liked it. Old school sounds in unusual ways and sequences.

Rave sounds, jungle stuff , nice edits and cool grooves. A couple of party tracks and some experimental stuff. It’s a compact album which maybe could use 2 more tracks.

All in all just my kind of music. Favourite tracks : Gravity Dub and IPA. But all the tracks are quality. Must listen.

Funkstörung – Funkstörung

In the 90’s I discovered Funkstörung , the first track was a remix for Wu tang clan, which I thought was amazing. Turns out they made a whole lot of excellent remixes.
One of my all time favourite tracks being A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity (Funkstörung Remiks).

It was Funkstörung and acts like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin who got me into experimental electronic music. Then Plaid, Boards of Canada and Autechre followed. And many more,
I was happy to hear Funkstörung made another album. On Monkeytown records this time.

I might not be as forward thinking as it once was, and it’s a bit more laidback to my ears. But it’s a very nice album. Lot’s of subtle background sounds but less dense then before. Loads of room between the sounds which is always nice. Favourite tracks are Drown in Time, Killers and All the things. Solid release and hopefully they will not wait another 10 years for another album.

Favourite labels – Bloody fist records

When I first got into music around the time Hip-hop was pretty big, and besides that the first wave of house music was there, and at some point the styles began to shift. One one hand there was the mellow sound, more house/club style music. And the harder stuff, originated from the harder Techno records. This developed very fast in a very unique sound originating from The Netherlands. Starting out of Rotterdam, the Gabber sound, later dubbed hardcore, was becoming popular fast.

The fast, aggressive sound was right up my ally, so I started buying records from labels such as Ruffneck, PCP (which was one of the best labels in my opinion, more on this later), Rotterdam records, Mokum records, etc etc later I really got into the Italian stuff and Industrial strength records.

One day It was a bit busy and I started to browse in some of the more obscure corners of the shop, and found this section of bloody fist records. I got a few out and waited for one of the turntables. I really wasn’t into the terror style as to my idea most of them just pushed up the tempo with not much else. This was different, loads of cool samples, breakbeats and crazy sounds.
The records all sounded nice and gritty as well. Tracks like Shaftman and later 21% by Template where a more experimental view on Gabber. Most records had became more party oriented and based around a build up. Less experimentation and more formula. Which made it boring, at least for me. Bloody fist records was the first label I checked out that offered more experimentation. Off course they were around since the early nineties as well, I just was late.

Most of the earlier releases I missed, but I got hold of a few later on. The label stopped in 2004 , just a few years after I discovered it. It triggered a search for more experimental gabber besides other more experimental music I was getting into. It also made me record more music myself which was a good thing as well. The Bloody fist website is still there and be sure to check the Discogs website for all the releases, most of them are on youtube, be sure to check it out.

Richie Hawtin – From my mind to yours

One of my favourite artists has released a new album, from my mind to yours, unfortunately I missed the vinyl edition as it’s sold out already. Too bad , now there’s a hole in my collection. But it’s also on Spotify.

I mostly like his Plastikman and old plus 8 releases , which is exactly what he is up to on this album.
He uses a lot of his old aliases and is back to the old school way of working, drum machines and 303’s. And the odd Synth here and there.

The album starts with No way back which is a very cool acid track which builds up and is pretty intense. Other favorites are Close, Purrkusiv, Systematic , Creepr (love the kick) and Grindr.
All tracks are very good and I hope He will continue this , In the mean time I will have to search for the 7 12 inch records. Or the CD. For now it’s on repeat on Spotify.


One of my first LP’s I bought was Kraftwerk’s Radio-Aktivität. Basically because the art intrigued me. The second hand shop didn’t have a record player to check it out. It was very cheap 0,50 cent so I could the risk.

Once home I put it on , I thought it was very strange music. It took a couple of months before I put it on again. Somewhat louder this time and for some reason the music hit me. And stayed with me.

Years later I had the change to see them at the Evoluon in Eindhoven. Which was one of the best concerts I have been to so far. The sound was excellent and the building is something very cool as well. It is shaped like an UFO.

Lucky me. Lately I have been seeing a lot of Kraftwerk around me. There was a documentary on Belgian TV which was very nice. And last week when I was vinyl hunting and couldn’t find anything to my liking I spotted a cheap and mint Trans Europa Express around in the CD part of the shop. Which I didn’t own yet. Made my day.

A lot of music I bought when I was younger hasn’t stood up to the test of time as well, but Kraftwerk and some other excellent choices (which were all pure luck) did. And I think It will forever.

Well, just wanted to write a bit about Kraftwerk. As it once again made my day by listening to Trans Europa Express.