Bureaucracy part one, just when you think..

Bureaucracy , the one thing I was trying to avoid like the plague just reared it’s head. While everything seemed to go smooth and straightforward, today I received news that the trajectory I wanted to do after my revalidation in the hospital was done, isn’t going to be approved after all.

So what’s the case, my salary while I am on sick leave is paid by the government, and I have a case worker, which I contacted to explain my plan for returning to a paid job.
So an appointment was made and I explained what my needs are for the future and my path towards a paid job.

The key is I don’t know what kind of work I can still manage , or how long , type of work and the overall workload. I thought I was pretty clear that I needed too figure this out first. This was also reflected in the report I got back, so thinking all was in order I got an appointment with the company that provides this guidance on my journey back to work. So I explained my situation and they explained the method they use. Which is figuring out what kind of work I can still do , with what workload etc. After this assessment there will be a matchmaking process between me and future employers for a job within the newly defined parameters. Basically a 2 step system. Exactly what I am looking for.

So I mailed my case worker the meeting went well and I liked to start working with them, so far so good. The letter of approval came and something was purchased by the agency. Then I got word from the company which I selected too work with the wrong trajectory was approved. The second part of the two part plan. So only the matchmaking part I had approval for. This is not good, so I asked them too work this issue out between them. Today I spoke to the company and they said they will still only approve the last bit. And because they know from experience doing only part two without part one is doomed for failure they can’t accept assignments which only consist of part two.

Because this is a different ‘product’ and they only want to do that , the other ‘product’ was given enough attention by my revalidation team in the hospital according to them. While I was given the tip for this option explicitly by my team, because they don’t have the expertise in this getting back to work stuff. So how on earth my case worker got the idea this has been done sufficiently by them is anyone’s guess.

The revalidation at the hospital only focus on getting your day to day in order. So in order for me not too come up short in following up on their good work and ending up on the wrong side of town they urged me too get on this as soon as possible and on my own initiative. Because there have been made lots of errors in the past by simply misjudging what one can do, by just ‘thinking’ instead of exactly knowing what someone can do and can’t do.

I immediately called my contact at the government, figuring out what went wrong. Somehow I was not clear enough on the reasons for needing these two steps in order to figure out what work I can and can’t do in the future. And off course now I have to wait for a callback. So just when you think you have all the bits in place too get started something comes up.

And time passes again, without me getting started, so much for the appreciation of initiative and willingness. I hope I can repair this as soon as possible and get on with it. For now I am simply frustrated and to be honest , quite mad as well. To be continued no doubt…