Yes back in the schwimmbad again, got there around 11:15 and just relaxed, swimming a bit and enjoying the shade and the sun. Ate a plate of fries and currywurst, and had a relaxing day. The temperature was about 36 around 15:00. Pretty warm indeed.

So not much action, although I did manage to run to the nearby waterfall and back, pretty early in the morning and the sun was already there in full force. So just an easy run and enjoying the scenery.

They hold a yearly trailrun event here as well, maybe something I would like to do next year.

Tomorrow it’s time for a drive to our next stop Frankfurt. Which promises a little less heat.

Panoramic views

Another hike today, near Freiburg there is a hike along some very nice panoramic views and a ruin. We got up early, and started the hike around 10:30. It was already very hot near 29 degrees.

The first part of the hike was from the monastery to the higher parts, not too steep fortunatly. We took a few pictures and continued. The hike was very pleasent but it got very hot.

After lunch at the ruin we decided to shorten our remaining hike. We cut a climb which saved us 1,2 km and got back to the car.

A very nice hike with cool views and no other people around, except for some Mtb’ers and some people with campervans.
Hippies mostly 😉

As it’s the resting day for the people at the guesthouse we bought some bread cheese and meats, the plan was to have dinner at the balcony but some persistent wasps and the blistering heat forced us inside. Sort of camping in the room , which was nice.

Tomorrow promises to be even warmer than today , so most likely we will head to the schwimmbad once more.