Portfolio news – August additions

Today I bought 10 Coca Cola shares (KO) , which has produced a nice dividend. And is a bit undervalued at the moment. I intend to keep it for the long run.
Tomorrow I will also add some Unilever shares (UN) depending on the way it goes. It has been a rocky road this week. For me it’s good news as I can pick up shares on a bit of a discount.

On the watch list are Glencore, Caterpillar, Disney, and Unibail-Rodamco. The first being a bit of a risk as it has been in a steady decline since they got listed on the stock exchange.
I will keep you updated.

Dividend payments so far

Most of the stocks I own nowadays pay out dividend. Thought I share the proceeds so far, It may be not much but it is really fun to see them come in. Strange isn’t it.

The dividends without, and in Euro tax are :

12-02-2015 APPLE INC. EUR 1,32
20-03-2015 ROYAL DUTCH SHELLA EUR 8,66
14-05-2015 APPLE INC. EUR 4,42
22-06-2015 ROYAL DUTCH SHELLA EUR 41,95
30-06-2015 ICAHN ENTERPRISES L.P. EUR 0,91
27-07-2015 GENERAL ELECTRIC EUR 1,95
13-08-2015 APPLE INC. EUR 4,42

Total EUR 68,62

Also a few are in the pipeline to be paid out, I will update when they do.

Cookie laws and Google adsense

Since I rebooted my site I had a Google adsense banner on my site, just to see if I could get some revenue out of it. Today I removed it since Google sent me a mail stating they are actively complying with the EU cookie law. Which means I have to ask permission for the use of cookies and especially the adsense cookies. Unfortunately the laws are different from country to country. In the Netherlands, which is were I live and host this site I have to ask permission before the cookies are placed. Other country’s do not require this.

So for now, I have removed the ad and I am going to find a solution to this first before I put the ad back on my site.