Portfolio news – March 2017 changes

March again and one new addition to the portfolio. I skipped the February round of investing due to moving into a new house and we immediately decided to pay a part of the house in cash. So February had no room for investing in the portfolio.

this month I’ve invested in one of the worlds famous makers of sport cars, Porsche. Aside from the fact they make highly desirable cars they also have a nice profit margin, a nice dividend and an overall large worldwide fan base.

The main issue last year was the diesel gate scandal which cost the company a lot in terms of bad press and a significantly lower stock price. It’s been recovering again for a couple of months and it’s about fairly valued for now.

I’m expecting when the economy recovers further and into the ‘real’ economy their sales will go up. Furthermore I think their nice margins will stay intact. We are still a long way from being a car free society and given the lack of real investment and innovation in public transport, so people will still need cars. And many drivers dream of a Porsche.