Results Neuro-Psychological tests

Yesterday I got the test result from the neuro pshycological examination. Which wasn’t all that good. My ability to remember, process and react to information has been sharply reduced.
This is the short version of what has come out of these tests. I will receive the full report later on and reflect on it some more then.

What does this mean ? It mostly confirms what I already knew, I am very slow with all tasks that require fast processing and reacting. And it takes a lot of energy. You’re just hoping it would be a bit better. The changes of a full recovery are somewhat diminished now. Or it will take longer I am not sure about that part as of yet. It was a lot of information to take in at once.
The Psychologist said this in the beginning and we can come back as often as we want if we have questions or just want to talk about it. The people at the revalidation centre are all very nice, professional and knowledgeable people and give you all the time and space which is great.

How does it affect me ? Well I need some time too digest this, It’s very good to have a base camp of sorts and being able to climb the mountain with a better route. Up until now I didn’t have a measured set of problem areas, rather I was just experiencing them. This is a good thing as we can now focus on these areas and try and improve them. It had been easier to further recover if the results were better. I have too start and taking even more care of planning my energy, cutting up activities in smaller tasks and make sure I prepare more. In retrospect I was chewing off bigger chunks of cookie than I should have. Shifting the gears back.

One important thing is that I keep exercising, running is great for the brain and being in a good condition helps your overall energy level and ability to cope with this. For now I am off for a run !