Richie Hawtin – From my mind to yours

One of my favourite artists has released a new album, from my mind to yours, unfortunately I missed the vinyl edition as it’s sold out already. Too bad , now there’s a hole in my collection. But it’s also on Spotify.

I mostly like his Plastikman and old plus 8 releases , which is exactly what he is up to on this album.
He uses a lot of his old aliases and is back to the old school way of working, drum machines and 303’s. And the odd Synth here and there.

The album starts with No way back which is a very cool acid track which builds up and is pretty intense. Other favorites are Close, Purrkusiv, Systematic , Creepr (love the kick) and Grindr.
All tracks are very good and I hope He will continue this , In the mean time I will have to search for the 7 12 inch records. Or the CD. For now it’s on repeat on Spotify.