Jeff Mills – Exhibitionist 2

As a fan of Jeff Mills since I first discovered Techno, without knowing to much about it. I was fascinated by the first instalment of the Exhibitionist.

3 decks and a mixer, and some fine mixing. I could only barely mix two records together. Played it frequently when I was bored on a Sunday afternoon. Just watching and listening to one of the greatest DJ’s.

Well When I found out the second edition was out I immediately bought it. It now has 3 DVD’s with on the first one a mix , now with CDJ’s obviously.

And although I miss the records, this mix is very cool. then there is a DVD with a few TR-909 drum machine workouts as Jeff calls then, Which are fun.

Make me wanted to save up for a dedicated drum machine again. Not a 909 , but maybe the new TR-8.

Wandering off, the best part of this series is on the third DVD which is the studio mix. It’s Jeff surrounded by cool gear and starting performing various tracks.

This looks boring to some people, but for me this is very inspiring, simply watching is makes me want to turn on my gear again , and start making music.
Which I seldom do due to a lack of time and or other things that go before making music. And the worst of all lack of energy or inspiration. This DVD puts me right in the mood.