Munich – Day one

We are on a short holiday in Germany, starting in Munich. We were there once in 2013 for a Depeche mode concert. Just for a short while. We decided that we should go back for a longer stay.

So here we are. Today we just walked around town, checking out a few neighbourhoods. Mainly Schwabing , Maxvorstadt and a park called Englisher Garten. Which is just big , pretty cool in size but not as well maintained as Central park or Regent park.

Discovered a few very nice bars, a cool breakfast place called Joon.
Also a cemetery which since the early 1930’s functions as a park.

Not a lot of tourists in these places, luckely. Munich is a very green and spacious city. I can see why it’s one of the best places to live. Albeit a bit expensive. Especially housing. That’s pretty much unafordable.

One of the cool things about the city is a lot of people ride bikes. Which is good, the traffic isn’t as busy as you would expect from such a large city.

Tomorrow another day and a few other neighbourhoods.