Dividend GE and Greece

Today I checked my portfolio and another little flow of Dividend came my way. General electric went ex dividend. Although it isn’t a huge amount of money. It’s a lot of fun watching it roll in.
Hopefully it will continue and I will be able to buy a lot more dividend paying shares as I go along.

I have been reading up on Greece and personally I don’t think this is going to end well, a lot is at stake but the Greek politicians got elected on the promise to lift the heavy burden of all the debt. The only way for them to get any credit from their voters is too be able to say. Look we postponed as long as we possible could and this is what we got out of it. Causing a lot of aggravation along the way.

Greece is small economically, but if they get away with it, what’s to say others won’t do the same. Given the time frame a solution must be reached. Problem is the damage has already been done. Let’s hope the Greeks get their country back on the road, and quickly. Before all the young people with brains live in western Europe.