A Tribe Called Quest – We got it from here… thank you for your service

Most people know A Tribe called Quest. Most notably their 1991 album Low end theory. With Q-tip as the master of the MPC. Now after the documentary Beats Rhymes and Life the new album We got it from here.. thanks you for your service is here. Member Malik Taylor passed away earlier this year while the album was still in production. So it’s the last album.

Everything what made A tribe called quest great in the past is back in this album. Excellent sample selection, production, chilled out raps and a general great flow of the album are all here.
It’s has a future classic mark on it from the start , but is very relevant and to date.

For some reason it just stays with you after only one listen. It’s an album everybody who is into hip-hop or even just likes it a bit should have in their collection. It’s made by one of the best groups in the history of the music. Too bad it took 12 years or so. But now that it’s here , I am going to enjoy it a lot.