The music journey – Making an album (week 8)

Another week gone by, and this week not much happend in the way of music making. Still have problems with processing sound in my brain. So this week I had to shift my attention back to reading manuals and books on music.

Which is fine but overall progress in my album project is stalled at the moment. As this sort of periods go with the territory of my brain damage I started looking towards ways in which I can write or draw ideas down in a systematic way.

So I can still work on music without the sound. I already write down lots of ideas and draw as well. But my method keeps varying , then when I come back to an idea I can’t always figure things out. So it has to be via some sort of system that works quickly in use and I can recall easily after.

That isn’t as easy as it looks. My second option is working on non sound stuff , in comes Max MSP, which is lot’s of programming without sound necessary and has a systematic way of doing things because of the nature of the program.

I am not yet fluent with Max, but in the period I am currently having , working on Max & the system for writing down ideas is a good alternative to keep going.

Cello festival Dordrecht

Today I went to the Cello festival, which is held in Dordrecht. We went to see the afternoon show called (f)luister. Two artist played a live show , Maarten Vos and Anne Müller.
First up was Maarten , apart from the cello he had various synthesizers, a Theremin like device , drum machine and effects. Recording his Cello parts and looping them and then improvising with his synthesizers and effects. Very cool ! For some people in the audience maybe a bit too electronic. For me a perfect combo.

Maarten Vos(photo: D. Slot ©)

Check out his soundcloud page, Maarten Vos soundcloud.

Next up was Anne, she was amazing, looping different parts and adding layers to make a composition. I especially liked the last part of the show were she made a bass like loop and added lot’s of cool extra stuff with her voice and tapping on the cello. Very cool indeed.

Found a cool song on soundcloud, a collaboration with Nils Frahm. Nils Frahm and Anne Muller
Anne Muller(photo: D. Slot ©)