My plan

Ok so after reading, reading, surfing on the web and finally some more reading I decided on a plan. For now I will keep it simple. I will try to save as much of my monthly income as possible. for the first few months I will aim at 50%.

The 50% will be divided by 3. The sums will be deposited on a savings account, paying of the mortgage and an investment account.

Given that I can only pay of 10% a year on my mortgage and since I have already been doing that for a while, I am almost there. I will continue to save so I can pay off a big chunk in the beginning of next year.

Saving one third seems a bit much I agree, but some cash at hand for emergencies and given the fact I lack in investment experience this will do for now.

The investment part will be my pension fund. I will only invest for the long term. Dividend paying stocks that have been doing so for a long time.
Well that’s it. The plan.