Portfolio news – January 2016 additions

A new month and new additions to the portfolio. The markets have taken a dive in recent months so there should be some bargains out there.
The main concern is the oil price , which is getting lower and everyone is lowering the price target for this year.
The world has a surplus now but once the dust settles prices will recover and Shell will be well positioned.

The decline in the international markets will continue for some time I think, for the long term portfolio this is not bad at all, it leaves room for buying some nice dividend stocks.
For the additions this month I looked towards Germany and in the Netherlands. Starting off here, I bought one share of Unibail Rodamco. It’s a real estate company which owns a lot of real commercial real estate, mainly shopping. Shopping is dying , everybody seems to think these days. I am old school and I like a physical shop, you see the products try them and get service.

I see a lot of people shopping for speciality items, food, cloths etc. It’s about the experience, the run of the mill discounter will not cut it but the quality shops certainly will.
And in this department they have a nice segment of high end commercial property. The dividend has just been raised which is good and sits around 4%. The Q4 results were solid and I think they will continue to be.
In Germany I added 1 new company’s to the portfolio. It’s the insurer Munich Re , a very solid company with an ever growing dividend. It might be a bit expensive but even at the current price it will give out a 4,7% dividend. Which is very good, and it’s increasing.