Floating Points -Elaenia

To be honest, I never heard any music by Floating Points before, just a very cool mix I found on Soundcloud. Shortly after I read an interview with Sam Shepherd the man behind Floating Points.

Which has a part about how to make tea which is exactly what I always explain to people. So he is a perfectionist , with an impressive set of music stuff.

So I had to check out his music, which is very remarkable indeed. I find it very relaxing music.

On first listening my favourite track was Silhouettes (I,II,III) , but now my favourites are Thin Air and For Marmish.

All tracks are excellent by the way, and there is much to discover upon listening to the tracks over and over again. So you’ll never be bored. Be sure to have a listen. Hopefully Sam will make a lot more music in the future!