Portfolio news – November additions

So it’s November again and this month has seen the following additions to my portfolio. Adidas is the first one, just 5 shares as it is a bit expensive at the moment. One of the reasons I bought the stock is I really like the shoes. I have some and always wear them. Apart from that there is the dividend, which is a bit low in percentage, current stock price is 88,15 and the with 2,38 dividend. Which is 2,67 % , decent enough. Another plus is the company has no more cash than outstanding debt. I am going to add to this position over time.

Another stock I added is ONEOK. A gas company, which has been hammered this year,it has been paying out dividends for a very long time, it’s around 8%. Which is high. Too high most people say. But I am confident the energy market will rebound and natural gas is still a very important energy source. So I think of the current price as buying with a discount. I added 10 shares to the portfolio.