Consistency is key, don’t keep focussing on goals.

Music making is an art, and behind any great art there is a lot of skill. So instead of focussing on the art and my goals I have to focus on developing my skills. Whether it be mastering an instrument of choice or knowing how to operate any part of the music making process.

Having goal is something I need, and while I am excellent at making a plan and working towards this goal, my lack of focus on my musical skillsets has set me back in achieving these goals.

I forgot how important it is to be fluent at something. I have always compared my music making process with developing solutions, whether it be in software or writing a proposal or technical design for something.

All the while forgetting the amount of time spent doing it and improving my skills by simply doing it. Not having any big goals. When I started out learning how to program, I just spent hours trying to get something to work. At some point writing becomes second nature and when you have come up with the solution to a problem. Writing about the solution and creating the end product become much easier.

Most of the time spent isn’t learning a language, but finding the right path towards a solution.

My music making process should be the same, I have an idea and figure out which of the tools I need, or just fire up some instruments and simply start writing anything. And see what comes out of it. Which I do for fun as well with programming or anything else. Just doing it to get something going.

The problem I face with my musical endeavors is that I don’t nearly have as much hours of doing music as I have done with any of my other skills.

So it’s time to start and simply work on learning the skill of making music without any goals directly in mind. Not forcing the focus on my goals but focus on getting better. consistency is the name of the game, with anything but especially with learning a new skill. So I will just focus on constant work. 

Just like I did with everything else. Just did not know it at the time.