It’s time to leave the black forest and head for Frankfurt, on the road to Frankfurt there is a nice University city, Heidelberg. Which is a nice break from driving. It was pretty busy on the road today.

So after little over 2 hours we reached Heidelberg. It’s a small city and has a nice vibe. Apart from the bus loads of tourists which remain mostly in the Hauptstrabe and the main square , which is good for the the city population and people like us.

I wonder if they see anything at all, just staring at their Ipads , Iphones and whatever device they are attached to. And don’t forget to wear your headphones at all times. Ow and when you take a picture, make sure that you are on 99,9 % of the picture with a landmark in the background, preferably making some sort of peace sign. Well now you have an idea which type of tourist discovered Heidelberg.

We spotted a nice Moroccan restaurant with really good and cheap food. Very busy place. We then just wandered the streets a bit and stopped for a drink here and there.

It was getting late quickly so we decided to grab a burger at die kuh die lacht and head for Frankfurt. The traffic was mostly gone now and after little under an hour we reached our hotel. Now it’s time for a quick shower and a drink. Tomorrow we will explore Frankfurt.