Favourite labels – Planet Core Productions


This time about the label Planet core productions and it’s sub labels. Which were many, they released a lot of records. Some absolute rubbish, others classics to this day.

It was based in Frankfurt and run by Marc Acardipane. He also made a lot of the tracks, as did Miro. The label started in the early 90’s and ran up until 2000/2001 I think.
It was mostly known as a hardcore label by many. But they mixed all sorts of styles , trance and techno influences were very common. My first purchase and one of the best releases i think was
PCP 935 Future. I bought it sealed and didn’t open it straight away when I got home. At first I didn’t like it at all, to be honest. But after a few listening sessions it quickly became one of most played records, although at that time I didn’t own that many.

The label had other sublabels, Dance Ecstasy 2001, Coldrush , Super Special Corp, Kotzaak to name a few of the most well known. At first they were sold in just a few record stores and a lot of people found the tracks a bit to forward thinking, a few dance floor hits like , later when slaves to the rave became a monster hit in the hardcore/gabber world, people started looking at the label. Making it harder for me to be on time and being able to buy the latest. Therefore I missed a few. Thank god for Discogs.

A few very cool releases are The Mover The Final Sickness, Reign Hall , Rave creator a new mind part I & II, Miro Purple moon and many more. Pretty much all of the releases on Cold rush records are excellent. Check it out if you get the change. Even if you are not really into the harder styles. It’s worth it.